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STINE DENGSØ is your online store where pet-friendly fashion can be bought.We are a part of a new movement, aiming towards a green future. We want to respect humans, animals and our planet. We will love if you want to be a part of this movement and choose STINE DENGSØ at your next purchase.

The clothes that are usually bought may have been produced by children. Child slaves and workforce in the East have made us choose to produce in Denmark but also the transport back and forth to the east. So we only have Danish produced styles.

We are striving after a green future, where fashion and business can go hand in hand.

Everything at STINE DENGSØ is 100% vegan. That means that we won't use fur, leather, wool, feathers or silk from animals, or any other animal products.

My name is Stine Dengsø Nielsen and I design clothes.

My love for making clothes came when I attended Højer Design Efterskole in 2010 on fashion and the innovation line.I have taken Garment technologist at TEKO, where I graduated in 2016 with specialization in pattern making.

STINE DENGSØ was founded in 2016. I started it up in collaboration with SYLAB.I was lucky to get a legacy to be part of the SYLAB entrepreneurial project, which is an office community in Ikast. The project is started by Lifestyle and Design Cluster.

SYLAB was hosting 10 entrepreneurs in the fashion industry and helping us on the way, giving us good knowledge of having a business in the fashion industry and doing business. SYLAB has its own sewing room that could run around between entrepreneurs, but SYLAB also focuses on Danish production, which we have been working to bring production back to Denmark. So, external textile companies can get help from everything from design to production of their products.

SYLAB also has a sewing robot, a robot that can be sewn without contact with people and makes the whole process easier and able to move more parts of the production to Denmark within a shorter period.

I founded STINE DENGSØ by making jackets and coats for women, but I did not feel the big pleasure of this, I changed course in 2017 and made it vegan.

I have been plant based the most of my life. I want us to look after the animals just as we humans do for each other, we all have a soul that should not be used for either food or clothing. In my mind and heart are animals and humans alike.