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Stine Dengsø
As a Brand

We are a Danish Vegan fashion brand. We make our clothes in Denmark and avoid animals as a resource for our clothes. We go into sustainability and the quality of the products. You will find delicious vegan clothing where details are requested.

made in Denmark

About Stine Dengsø

Denmark isn’t a country with many productions anymore, but we make our products here in Denmark, therefore we have small productions and we are flexible. We have our eyes and hands in every piece, in every step in the process of making your new clothes.

We don’t use animals in the clothes. We think we should let them live just like ourselves, what do you think? We want to affect the world, so there would be a larger group of human beings who wants to respect the animals, and choose to wear vegan. Take responsibility with us, the world will be a better place for all. You have a choice. A choice which have a huge impact on animals and the environment.

We have done the hard work for you, so you can make the better choice. Take it with us.



Jacket with a soft and fait surface

aya jacket aya jacket back


Classic Ruf shirt and pants
with a lovely smooth quality

aya jacket aya jacket back


Delicious classic vegan dress

klara summer dress klara summer dress


Timeless white shirt and
pants with wide trouser legs

white shirt pants white shirt striped pants White shirt and striped black/white pants


light and windy t-shirt



Jacket, handmade of old,
used bicycle tubes and
coat lining

biker jacket biker jacket


Mystic and excitement dress

karla summer dress karla summer dress


One size stripes
and loose kimono

karla summer dress karla summer dress karla summer dress


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Stine Dengsø Labels